Jessica the Tutor

About the Tutoring Process

I begin by asking students and their parents what they hope to get out of tutoring, to ensure that we are all on the same page. Upon first meeting students, I assess their strengths and weaknesses by speaking with students and parents and by looking over students' recent work. I also try to get an idea of the students' learning styles (visual, audio, tactile, etc.) and interests, which I then incorporate into the tutoring sessions, when possible.

Because I am a private tutor, I do not have access to much extra material - I mostly help students with the material they are learning in school, and I go over their homework with them. The school teacher's job is to lesson plan and give out material; my job is to help students comprehend this material and perfect their skills. That said, I do contribute my own material, when possible. I can also direct parents/students toward some very affordable material that the student and I can then use in tutoring sessions, to supplement what they are learning in school, or to help them with something I feel they need to work on.

I also assign homework to students (when this is agreed upon), based on the concepts/skills they need to improve upon. If I teach a student something new during a tutoring session, I may assign them homework that involves using the new knowledge/skills. Then, in the following session, I go over this homework with them and see how well they are grasping the new concepts. I make sure the concepts and assignments I give students are related to what they're doing in school. This is one way for me to try to help students apply their knowledge and skills to actual school work.

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